perjantai 28. syyskuuta 2012

How to take advantage of weak ties in job hunting?

Do you think that Word-of-mouth or community networking theories are new?

I just read Mark Granovetter´s research paper from 1972, well the guy really was up to something. His theory was that the weak links are more effective on reaching or spreading information, than the strong ones. WHY? This is because the weak links connects us to networks we don’t have reach before, whereas our strong ties merely links us to network and information that is already familiar and close to us. “Those whom we are weakly tied are more likely to move in circles different from our own and will thus have access to information different from that which we receive” (Granovetter 1972). Granovetter´s diagram shows how bridge connecting A to B enables indirect contact to whole new networks and contacts. The weak ties, acquaintances, are our bridge to the outside world. Why would this be useful information? 

Granovetter Mark (1972) The strenght of Weak ties

torstai 13. syyskuuta 2012

Creating the Buzz Epidemic, part 2

Hi online buzzers,sorry for being belayed from normal posting schedule. Thesis articles have kept me preoccupied while finishing theory part writing and preparing for interviews for empiric part, but lets get on with flaming the buzz epidemic. 

Creating and spreading buzz is built-in into our psychological behavior. Sharing information has been the important surviving mechanism since we developed ability to communicate with each other and today knowledge truly is power. In school we don’t anymore learn so much facts as focus on learning how to search right information, because that what is required from us in our modern information society. By learning these skills and communicating with our networks we save time and reduce risk, costs and uncertainty.

As a successful online marketer you want to create high level of findability for your business. This can be done with SEM (search engine marketing) and mastering SEO-methods, it can be created in-house or buy services outside from service provider, but this is something that your competition is doing also, and if you are losing in size and budjets, then you have to WIN with innovative communication.

tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

How to do buzz marketing, Part 1.

Buzz could be defined as SUM of all comments about certain issue that is exchanged between people online and offline. For companies buzz is something they keep hoping with finger crossed while doing traditional marketing. Buzz isn't any magical fortune effect, but creatable marketing outcome. It must be strategically crafted with specific planning and carefully seeded to the online community. Buzz requires people strategy combined with understanding of online network structure and online tools. The investment for creating buzz isn't money, but time, energy and imagination. It´s challenging, but not difficult! SmallBizU suggest that you don’t count ROI anymore for investment, but for imagination and if you have it, it´s worth a lot. This is the reason I love marketing!

sunnuntai 12. elokuuta 2012

6 important rules for HEADLINING your online content

If you are this far reading, it means that the headline might have worked or you are simply connected to my social network and bored out of your mind. Nevertheless I can show you why headline is so important and how to do it right in online media with the help of David Chapman´s post in mastergoogle blog.

David Chapman who is Director of Marketing at Webrageous brought up interesting statement: The headline of any advertisement, blog post, article or news release is the single most important element of online content that exists. I don´t disagree that the headline needs to grab readers attention to get the Click . You have roughly four to eight words to play with to make your content more attractive than everything else on the page, says Chapman.

perjantai 3. elokuuta 2012

The Viral polarity of Youtube

Yesterday I saw news clip about South Korean rap artist Park Jae San who suddenly became Youtube sensation by gathering 10 million views with his new video (UPDATE 2 months later 360 million hits, talking about Viral epidemic). Well I checked it out and yeah kind of funny, but didn´t really get it WHY. It made me wonder what does the trick of creating viral phenomena. As usual the first question is why? Do you want just to create viral clip in the purpose of participating in the social media orgy where the funny office clips are the new porn or want to make some real impact to your audience or just have some marketing motives. Don´t worry I won´t judge.

torstai 2. elokuuta 2012

The Rat Race and the question Why?

Little while back, related to my master thesis project I read Finnish marketing book about digital footprint (Digitaalinen jalanjälki, ). It´s not so serious textbook, but it shows with attitude what the digital marketing is today and how you can´t afford being dull online. You can´t just benchmark and follow, be original and lead. The new digital marketing solutions have made it possible for the underdog to truly shine brighter for free, than the Giant with budget. This book gave me the idea of NOT just write a thesis that nobody cares, but instead make it into something more that actually counts, for me at least, and learn how to master those solutions successfully and try fresh ideas. I learned that if I want to truly success I have to Own My Specialty and this Blog is part of the trip.